Thursday, 29 September 2016

Easy D.I.Y. (no-sewing) Painted & Recovered Chair Makover.

Side Chair painted with a custom mixed cobalt blue colour and finished in Annie Sloan Dark Wax all over

Before & After...

Not bad for a €20 chair I picked up from the charity shop where I volunteer  (cat not included).

And if you want to add the 'Hygge' touch..   :-)

 The worn green velvet fabric was removed and then reupholstered with a fresh blue, off white and gray striped linen cotton mix fabric.

The paint I used is a custom mix from artists paints I had on hand but Annie Sloan has a chalk paint in Napoleonic Blue which would probably work out more economical as I have used Annis Sloan paints before and the can seems to last forever.  

Easy Peasy  and a great little starter project if you're into crafts and D.I.Y. like me :-)


  1. que cambio esa silla , me encanta como se ve la combinacion blanco con negro.. realmente un reciclaje fantastico

  2. Angelica thank you so much for your lovely comment. I used to help me as I do not speak Spanish. How are you? It's Autumn here in Ireland but still so lovely and sunny and warm. We're so lucky! What's it like where you are? Hopefully not too cold yet. Take care. Chat soon. Marie

  3. Amazing Marie. Wow. Fantastic. You really transformed that chair. And your kitchen, also amazing, very professionally done and finished to top quality standard.
    Marie, heres something you might be interested in. Its about bread soda and its uses.