Sunday, 13 December 2015

Easy DIY Spice Rack..

And it really is easy. The Spice jars were taking up so much space and I could never find the spice I was looking for so I built this Simple D.I.Y. Spice Rack to fit the inside of our cabinet door. It does a perfect job of storing them all leaving lots of extra space and no more searching. So if you want to make one too - I recommend it. This really was very easy to do. And quick! I made this in a few hours one evening.Here's what you need:  (This was made before I had any power tools so it's even easier and quicker if you have a power drill and a jigsaw)

1.Wood strips. I got mine from Woodies or you can use scrap wood.

2.Tape Measure.

3.Rusty old Saw. I know mine looks bad but worked just fine. 

12 of  these 'L' shaped brackets (they come in sets of 4 in Woodies for around €2)

  1. Screw Driver (or if you have a power screw driver thing-even better)
  1. 1cm screws x 24 (that are so hard to hold onto and that's why the pliers!)
  1. 2 cm screws  x 6 to add the front bars of the rack.
  1. And a hammer

STEP ONE: The first thing you need to do is measure inside your cabinet door and check to see how much space you have so your door closes completely once the spice rack is installed.  THIS IS IMPORTANT  You don't want to make it too big so that your doors don't close properly. So cut once MEASURE TWICE.


Cut your wood strips. Measurements may be different depending on the size of your cabinetry but mine were as follows. 

For the Frame sides-cut 2 pieces @ 5cm Wide x 50cm Long

For the Frame Top & Bottom-cut 2 pieces @ 5cm Wide x 31cm Long

For the Shelves-cut 2 pieces @ 5cm Wide x 31cm Long

Use the 'L' Brackets and the 1cm Screws to put the frame together

STEP THREE: Once your wood pieces are cut just line them up as in the photos above. Make sure to leave enough spacing between the top of the spice jar and the shelf above it so that you can pop it in and out easily. You need to leave about two and a half centimeters of space here t have some 'wiggle room'. You don't want them to be too snug in there so be sure to  leave enough space and measure twice on this step also.


Next mark where you want to put your shelf. I put a little line on each piece (see above) so if it moves you can just line it back up without measuring all over again.

STEP FIVE:Screw in the corner brackets to hold your shelves in place.

Next add the front 'bars'.You need 3 strips of wood @ 32cm long x 2cm Wide.  

You will use the 2cm screws for this step. 

Sand off any rough edges. (only takes a few minutes)

Then attach the rack to the door with the same 'L' Brackets.

I found it hard to hold the tiny screw in place while holding the door, the bracket and spice rack all at the same time so I found the sticky tape handy

If you have big paws like me then this pliers is handy.

If you look closely you'll see the wood started to split where I screwed in the front bars and afterwards I learned you need to drill a pilot hole first so this does not happen. We live and learn.


Make sure your screw is short enough so that it doesn't come through the cabinet door. I measured mine carefully but even then I screwed it very slowly with my hand on the front of the door constantly checking that the door wasn't beginning to crack.  I had no problems here it worked out just fine but I'd advise to take your time on this step anyway as you don't want to ruin the front of your lovely kitchen cabinets! 

And that's it for now. Happy


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